Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is a small webpage
about a long gone building of New York City,
(1897 - 1910).

More pictures wanted!
You know pictures of the
Gillender Building,
not shown in the Gallery?
Please contact me (

pictures from the Gillender Building's construction
(on my german website)

Thanks to Michal Juroska for sharing


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More Building Pages can be found here:

Gallery 3 - the early Gillender years (1897 - 1902)

Wall Street (late 1890s)

Wall Street 1897

Manhattan skyline 1897

Gillender Building about 1898

same picture, other colors

Manhattan map 1899

Three pictures of Gillender and Trinity
about 1900

President Mc Kinley's visiting
Wall Street 1901

Manhattan skyline 1902

Gillender Corner 1902

Gillender Corner - 1900s

Gillender Corner 1900s

Gallery 4 - the late Gillender years (1903 - 1910)

Wall Street 1900s

Wall Street 1900s

Nassau Street 1900s

Nassau Street 1900s
Gillender and Hanover Building

Broad Street 1900s

Broad Street 1900s

Broad Street 1900s

Broadway 1900s

Broad Street 1900s

Wall Street 1903-1904

Wall Street 1904

Nassau Street 1904

Wall Street 1900s

Wall Street 1900s

Wallstreet 1906
from Trinity Church

Gillender Stairs 1908

Gillender Elevator 1908

Broad Street 1909
Painting by Childe Hassam

Gillender Building 1910